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Alabama Healing Arts, LLC
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If you are seeking training programs or services in body-mind-spirit healing modalities such as massage therapy, yoga, or Reiki therapy in the Mobile/Baldwin county area, then welcome -- you have come to the right place. 

Alabama Healing Arts (AHA) is a new occupational college and wellness studio located in Mobile, AL. The locally-owned business provides a variety of professional
certification programs, such as massage therapy, yoga teacher training, and all levels of Reiki. AHA offers movement classes in yoga, Pilates, and more. Services include therapeutic massages and Reiki treatments, holistic counseling and life coaching, and nutritional solutions for weight loss, stress relief, and healthy aging.

With over 25 years of experience, founder Kelly Laurendine is excited to bring a heart-centered approach to living and learning in an environment geared for personal empowerment and professional success. She believes in the healing arts, having used yoga, massage, and Reiki to heal herself of a serious spinal injury. She says, “Exploring different realms of physical, mental and spiritual well-being has changed me for the better and is my passion. It has been my life’s dream to create a space where a variety of healing and personal development modalities could be experienced or learned. I look forward to sharing many amazing AHA-moments with this community!"

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WelcomeTherapeutic ServicesOn-Going EventsTrainings & CertificationsProductsAHA NewsHours & ClosingsLocationContact